Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcements

Constable Grove is an elected Pennsylvania State Constable who believes in the protection and reclamation of individual American liberties. His brand of quirky Public Service Announcement videos highlight rural & small-town issues that citizens face – such as property rights and open government.

PSA Video Starring Characters:
Neighbor Chip, Neighbor Corn, Mr. Wolf & Constable Grove (narrator)

When Noisy Becomes Nosey

PSA 001

In this Public Service Announcement, find out what happens when Chip squeals to the government Wolf about his neighbor being too noisy.

Dunk the Constable

Highlight Reel

2018 highlights of Constable Grove supporting the Gregg Township Fire Company in the carnival dunk tank.

This Land is My Land

PSA 003

In this Public Service Announcement, Mr. Wolf has disregarded Chip’s installation of a standard “no trespassing” sign. Find out what neighbor Chip does in order to protect his private property from unwanted intruders by revoking the implied license.  

For Process Services to Political Subdivisions & Recovery of Local Dogs At-Large call Constable Grove.