What Can this Constable Do for Gregg Township?

Constables are charged by Pennsylvania statute with protecting the polls: maintaining order at election polls and ensuring that no qualified elector is obstructed from being able to vote. Constables are the only peace officers permitted at the polls on Election Day in the Commonwealth.

Constables are authorized and empowered to direct traffic, under Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (Title 75 § 3102). Constable Grove is available as a volunteer to assist with traffic safety during township emergencies and events. His office is equipped with basic traffic safety items, such as lighted traffic baton, reflective safety vest, and roadside LED warning flares.

If desired, a Constable can assist with peacekeeping duties at public areas or community events. Note that “access control” to the areas that would include searches of persons or possessions is NOT the duty of a Constable. Unlike a private security guard, Constables are bound by the Constitution to not violate and protect against warrantless searches. Constable Grove’s office is equipped with the necessary peaceful tools to deter crime with presence and to keep the general peace. Some of this equipment includes official uniform, badge, vehicle decals, and duty-style scopes and flashlights for night time work, and more.

Note: All equipment was purchased at Constable Grove’s own expense for the benefit of the community – at no cost to the taxpayers. Some equipment has been designated by the Constable to be passed down to future Constables within the Office of the Constable of Gregg Township. There is NO FEE associated for community work that Constable Grove does.

“Live Streaming Meeting” Petition for Your Consideration

Petition to Live Stream Township Meetings – webpage

I signed this petition. Will you?

Gregg Township has an ongoing transparency issue that needs solved. Last minute Special Meetings have had a habit of popping up over (what I believe to be purposefully inconvenient) hours when the general public is hard at work trying to put food on their tables. It is difficult for working families (like you) to be able to spend the time to attend a multitude of meetings that truly affect your pocketbooks and wallets. But, you still have the right to know what is happening and what exactly is being said regarding the spending of your tax dollars.

The “Nothing to Hide” argument swings both ways, and our township representatives have an obligation to keep their public as well-informed as possible. However, the township has been unreliable and inconsistent (at best) when it comes to recording their meetings. It is my opinion that meeting minutes are often cleansed by the township and are not an accurate representation of what actually took place at meetings.

Consider that my records indicate that there are approximately 70 months worth of Advisory Board meeting minutes still missing and (for some reason) not in the custody of our township. Remember that the township has admittedly destroyed a township recording of a controversial 40% property tax increase BOS meeting after a public request for the recording. The battle for this type of public record has even led to a Court Order issued by a County Judge for the township to provide  requested recordings of meetings. This live streaming petition could be a step towards solving some of this transparency issue by placing the solution directly on the lap of the Supervisors.

Consider this commonsense solution by urging the Board of Supervisors to bring to vote the live streaming of their meetings – a non-edited, real-time version – available for your review at your convenience. A fancy new township website – promised to be on its way soon (and provided with thousands of your tax dollars) – can easily include this type of resource. I believe that only township leadership with anti-transparency motives will ignore this potential remedy.

New Taxation-Free Gear is Here


The Office of the Constable of Gregg Township’s new traffic safety gear has arrived. Includes LED road flares, safety vest, and lighted baton.  One of the great things that I am loving about this elected position is that I am able to establish the very first framework for the Office of the Constable of Gregg Township.


The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act – pdf

The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, 65 Pa.C.S. Section 711 states that… “Use of equipment during meetings. (a) Recording devices.–Except as provided in subsection (b), a person attending a meeting of an agency shall have the right to use recording devices to record all the proceedings”. [Subsection (b) pertains to Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives]

As your Constable, I support the right of Gregg Township, Centre County citizens to participate in, record, share, support, and question their local government agencies. This is a key prinicple in the defense of and security of the intended structures and framework of our government.

Revoke the Implied License

Revoked Implied License (template)– pdf

“A property owner’s right to exclude extends to private individuals as well as the government.” United States v. Lyons, 992 F.2d 1029, 1031 (10th Cir. 1993). Rural property owners have had historical success with aggressively worded No Trespassing signs and a gate across their driveway or lane. Courts have typically ruled that standard No Trespassing signs are not enough to create a reasonable warning to revoke the “implied license to enter”. Therefore, peddlers and government legally have the ability to walk right up to your front door and knock. Rural property owners who have had issues restricting unwanted agencies and peddlers, feel free to consider trying this Revoked Implied License template. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and this is not to be construed as legal advice. If you have specific ongoing legal matters, you should consider contacting an attorney.

Open Letter to Board of Supervisors

Constable’s Open Letter to the Board of Supervisors 1/15/18 – pdf

Board of Supervisors Proposed Policy R-18-02 – pdf

CORRESPONDENCE: The Constable of Gregg Township has written the attached open letter to the Board of Supervisors in response to  proposed Meeting & Recording Policy (Resolution 18-02). This authoritarian proposal plans to ban sarcasm in public meetings and create several barriers to discourage and prevent citizens from recording the meetings. Supervisor Miller drafted the resolution. The resolution was “tabled” until the next meeting by Supervisor Stover, who requested time to review.

The Man with the Tall Hat

Pennsylvania State Constable Casey J. Grove is an elected Constitutional peace officer located in rural Gregg Township, Centre County. He is an administrative Constable who stands in aggressive defense of rural values – such as property rights, the 2nd Amendment, and other liberties declared by our Bill of Rights. Constable Grove stands in defense of the right of taxpayers to actively participate in their local government without fear of retaliation or expulsion. Political Party: Libertarian. Tax Dollars Spent: Zero.